Preparing for Graduation

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All graduate degree candidates must file an Application for Graduate College Degree with the Registrar's Office and complete a Plan of Study with the SAAH's Graduate Program Coordinator by the designated deadlines, issued by the Graduate College each semester (a copy is given to each degree candidate by the Graduate Program Coordinator and posted throughout the SAAH).  A Request for Final Examination is submitted with the Plan of Study.  M.A. and M.F.A. candidates must see the Graduate Program Coordinator at the beginning of the semester of graduation.

Application to Graduate:
An Application for Graduate College Degree, found in MyUI ( under “Student Records” on the MyUI Quick Menu, and is submitted electronically to Graduation Analysis at or near the beginning of the session in which the degree is to be granted.

The Final Examination:
A Final Examination (Degree Committee Meeting) is required for all graduate degrees.  The final examination may be repeated only once.  Studio majors cover the combined studio and written thesis (if applicable).  The Final Exam will be evaluated by the Degree Committee as satisfactory or unsatisfactory, with two unsatisfactory votes making the committee report unsatisfactory.

If the Degree Committee so recommends, a candidate whose creative or written thesis is not acceptable may present a new or revised thesis for re-examination, but no sooner than the next regularly scheduled examination period in the following semester.

Plan of Study:
Applicants for the M.A. and M.F.A. degree must file a Plan of Study approved by the Degree Committee Chair and Director of the SAAH with the Graduate College within the session in which the degree is to be granted and by the date established by the Graduate Dean.  (A list of deadlines is given to each degree candidate and is posted each semester throughout the SAAH.)

The Plan of Study summarizes course and semester hour requirements for the degree, and is accompanied by a transcript of courses completed and a list of courses currently being taken.  Students may not change the current registration after filing the Plan of Study unless the change is approved by the Graduate Dean.

The Graduate Program Coordinator in consultation with the student completes the Plan of Study Form in the SAAH's office.  It is then taken to the Degree Committee Chair for approval and signature and returned to the Graduate Program Coordinator for transmittal to the Graduate College.

Request for Final Examination:
This form is completed in the SAAH's office by the Graduate Program Coordinator about the same time that the Plan of Study is completed.  It lists the names of the faculty comprising the degree examination committee.  The Graduate Dean must approve each degree committee.