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All studio graduate students should meet with the Graduate Program Coordinator for procedures, distribution requirements, and registration information. Entering students’ first-semester program is planned in consultation with a faculty representative from the admitted studio major.

Students are expected to meet the published prerequisites before enrolling in a course.

Course Fees

Students are assessed course fees for most studio courses. The amount varies with the course and instructor.  Money received from course fees is primarily used for the purchase of supplies.

Courses on the S/U Basis

Graduate students majoring in studio may elect to register for art history or non-studio courses on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.  (“Non-studio” courses are courses that are not art or cross-listed with art.)  A grade of "S" permits the course to apply toward the graduate degree but does not affect the grade-point average; a grade of "U" does affect the grade-point average, and the course will not be accepted toward the requirements for a graduate degree. Studio courses are not to be taken on an S/U basis unless offered on that basis.

Individual Instruction

Individual Instruction is available for one or two semester hours with the determination of hours subject to approval by the Curriculum Committee. A completed Request for Individual Instruction Form (obtained from the Graduate Program Coordinator) must be received in the Director of Graduate Study’s office no later than December 1st for Spring or May 1st for Fall.  NOTE: Approval for individual instruction is to be requested and approved the semester BEFORE the individual instruction can be taken.