Iowa Idea Track Overview

The Global and Interdisciplinary Connections Track to the art history major encourages students to earn a double major in art history and another humanistic discipline.

Created in the 2020s to complement the historic Iowa Idea track, the Global and Interdisciplinary Connections Track meets students’ varying intellectual and career goals, creating opportunities for majors to tailor their studies and explore their interests across disciplines. Art history majors will connect with scholars in other departments, thereby reimagining the Iowa Idea in a global context.

The Global and Interdisciplinary Connections Track to the art history major requires 30 semester hours of coursework in art history and 9 semester hours of coursework in one of the following disciplines:

  • American Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Asian Languages and Literatures
  • Classics
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • History
  • Italian
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies

Course requirements

  • ARTH:1030, Themes in Global Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:1060, From Mona Lisa to Modernism: Survey of Western Art II, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:4999, Capstone Seminar in Art History, 3 semester hours

AND one of the following:

  • ARTH:1040, Arts of Africa, 3 semester hours 
  • ARTH:1050, Caves to Cathedrals: Survey of Western Art I, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:1070, Asian Art and Culture, 3 semester hours 
  • ARTH:1080, How to Write About Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:1090, Earthly Paradises: The History of Global Landscapes, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:1095, Native American Art, 3 semester hours

  • ARTH:2020, Western Architecture from Prehistory to the Present, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2030, American Architecture: From Log Cabins to Skyscrapers, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2120, Art and Architecture of the Islamic World, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2150, Art and Life in Africa, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2220, Introduction to the Art of China, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2250, Introduction to the Art of Japan, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2320, Ancient Art from the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Colosseum in Rome, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2330, Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2420, Medieval Art from Constantine to Columbus, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2520, Italian Renaissance Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2530, High Renaissance Art and Mannerism: Michelangelo to Caravaggio, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2730, Transformations in Nineteenth-Century European Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2740, Art of the Northern Renaissance: Jan van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Durer, and Beyond, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2820, Introduction to Twentieth-Century Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:2920, Introduction to American Art, 3 semester hours

  • ARTH:3000, Digital Approaches to the Study of Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3010, Fakes, Frauds, and Forgeries: The Dark Side of Art History, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3020, Paris and the Art of Urban Life, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3090, Contemporary Architecture, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3160, Themes in African Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3197, Themes in Modern and Contemporary Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3225, Modern and Contemporary Art in China, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3250, Brushwork in Chinese Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3255, Copy and Paste: Methods of Reproduction in Asian Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3270, Themes in Asian Art History, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3275, Garden Culture in East Asia, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3310, Celtic and Viking Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3320, Egyptian Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3325, Kings, Gods, and Heroes: Art of the Ancient Near East, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3330, Classical Greek Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3340, Greek Vase Painting, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3350, Art of Early Rome: Patrons and Politics, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3360, Art of the Ancient Roman Empire, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3370, Life and Death in Ancient Pompeii, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3375, The Great Collision, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3390, Early Medieval Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3400, Romanesque and Gothic Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3420, Gothic Architecture, 3 semester hours.
  • ARTH:3550, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo: Rivalry and the Rise of the Artist in the Italian Renaissance, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3560, Art in Renaissance Venice, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3570, The Marginalized in Renaissance Art, 3 semester hours.
  • ARTH:3580, A Renaissance of Beauty, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3700, Rococo to Realism: Making Art Modern in an Age of Revolution, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3710, Fantasy and Seduction in Venice: The Renaissance Art of Bellini, Giorgione, and Titian, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3720, The Romantic Revolution, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3730, Impressionism and the Visual Revolution, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3740, Manet to Matisse, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3750, Muses, Models, Artists, and Patrons: Women in the Visual Arts, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3820, Modern Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3840, Contemporary Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3850, Pop Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3860, Minimalism, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3870, History of Photography, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3930, American Renaissance and the Gilded Age, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3950, Modernism and Early Twentieth-Century American Art, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3955, Art and American National Parks, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3980, American Print Culture, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:3985, Honors Research in Art History arr., 3 semester hours (requires honors standing)
  • ARTH:3990, Topics in Art History, 3 semester hours.
  • ARTH:3995, Independent Study in Art History arr. , 3 semester hours (requires honors standing)
  • ARTH:4081, The Art Museum: Theory and Practice, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:4891, Big-Shouldered City: Chicago Architecture, 3 semester hours
  • ARTH:4941, American Art and the Environment, 3 semester hours

American Studies

  • AMST:2165 Native Peoples of North America 
  • AMST:2700 The Black Image in Sequential Art: Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime 
  • AMST:3060 Cities in American Culture
  • AMST:3100 Critical Race Theory: Culture, Power, and Society
  • AMST:3249 History of Iowa and the Midwest
  • AMST:3265 American Monuments
  • AMST:4205 American Cultural History 1820-1920


  • ANTH:2165 Native Peoples of North America 
  • ANTH:2220 The Olmec, Maya, And Aztecs: Archaeology of Mesoamerica 
  • ANTH:3001 Introduction to Museum Studies 
  • ANTH:3121 Love, Marriage & Family in India
  • ANTH:3237 Politics of the Archaeological Past 
  • ANTH:3239 The Archaeology of the First Europeans
  • ANTH:3243 Archaeology of the American Midcontinent 
  • ANTH:3255 Introduction to Archaeological Ceramics
  • ANTH:3257 North American Archaeology 
  • ANTH:3258 Southwestern Archaeology
  • ANTH:3265 Archaeology of the Great Plains 
  • ANTH:3276 Greek Archaeology and Ethnohistory
  • ANTH:3278 Archaeology of Ancient Cities 
  • ANTH:3295 Field Research in Archaeology

Asian Languages and Literatures

  • ASIA:3055 Death, Dying, and Beyond in Asian Religions
  • ASIA:3208 Classical Chinese Literature Through Translation
  • ASIA:3431 Gender and Sexuality in East Asia   
  • ASIA:3550 Islam, Secularity, Modernity
  • ASIA:3650 Chinese History from 1600 to 1911
  • ASIA:3652 Twentieth-Century China
  • ASIA:3655 Zen Buddhism
  • ASIA:3685 Modern Korean History
  • ASIA:3890 Comparative Ritual


  • CLSA:3148 Barbarians and the Fall of Rome 
  • CLSA:3235 Greek Archaeology and Ethnohistory
  • CLSA:3404 The World of Ancient Greece
  • CLSA:3416 Greek Religion and Society
  • CLSA:3443 Pagans and Christians: The Church from Jesus to Muhammad
  • CLSA:3445 Mythology of Otherworldly Journeys 
  • CLSA:3514 Roman Religion and Society
  • CLSA:3821 City of Athens: Bronze Age to Roman World
  • CLSA:3836 Food in Ancient Mediterranean Society
  • CLSA:4106 Warfare in Ancient Mediterranean Society
  • CLSA:4181 History of Western Medicine
  • CLSA:4400 The Roman Empire
  • CLSA:4403 Alexander the Great
  • CLSA:4452 The Dead Sea Scrolls  
  • CLSA:4501 Archaeological Methodology and Field Research


  • ENGL:3216 Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  • ENGL:3226 Literature and Culture of the Middle Ages
  • ENGL:3236 Literature and the Culture of the Renaissance
  • ENGL:3266 Medieval Celtic Literature
  • ENGL:3276 Medieval Drama
  • ENGL:3287 Shakespeare  
  • ENGL:3459 African American Literature before 1900
  • ENGL:3329 Literature and Culture of Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • ENGL:3236 Literature and the Culture of the Renaissance 
  • ENGL:3338 Literature and Culture of the Romantic Period
  • ENGL:3339 Literature and Culture of Nineteenth-Century Britain
  • ENGL:3510 Topics in Transnational Literature - 20th and 21st Century
  • ENGL:3515 Topics in Postcolonial Studies - 20th and 21st Century
  • ENGL:3520 Literature and Culture of the 20th and 21st Century
  • ENGL:3525 Literature and Culture of the Americas
  • ENGL:3540 Literature of the Indian Subcontinent
  • ENGL:3550 African Literature
  • ENGL:3570 Transnational and Postcolonial Writing by Women


  • FREN:3120 French Civilization
  • FREN:3130 French-Speaking Cultures
  • FREN:3225 Studies in Modern France
  • FREN:3250 Topics in French Studies I
  • FREN:4026 French Women Writers
  • FREN:4080 Post-Colonial Literature in France
  • FREN:4100 French Cinema
  • FREN:4110 Francophone Literature of the African Diaspora
  • FREN:4210 Slavery Museums, Memorials, and Statues in the United States, Europe, and the Global
  • FREN:4520 Versailles Under the Sun King 
  • FREN:4750 Topics in French Studies II (may be taken more than once)


  • GRMN:3200 Literary Translation from German
  • GRMN:3405 German Cultural History
  • GRMN:3501 German Writers Engaged
  • GRMN:3850 Twentieth- and Twenty-first-Century German Children's Literature 
  • GRMN:3860 German Language and Society
  • GRMN:3865 History of the German Language
  • GRMN:4315 German Society Today
  • GRMN:4512 Topics in Global and Transnational Culture
  • GRMN:4540 Literature in Film
  • GRMN:4730 Beautiful Souls and Scandalous Writing


  • HIST:2294 Indigenous Art Activism
  • HIST:3145 Europe and the US in the 20th Century
  • HIST:3250 American Stuff: Discovering History in Things
  • HIST:3265 American Monuments 
  • HIST:3272 Native Americans in the Age of Empires, ca. 1500-1815  
  • HIST:3289 The Atlantic World c. 1450-1850 
  • HIST:3404 The World of Ancient Greece 
  • HIST:3423 Ireland in the Early Middle Ages   
  • HIST:3427 Family, Gender, Society Early Modern Europe 
  • HIST:3448 Barbarians and the Fall of Rome
  • HIST:3470 France from 1815 To Present
  • HIST:3473 German History 1648-1914
  • HIST:3650 Chinese History from 1600 to 1911
  • HIST:3745 Islam in Africa
  • HIST:3758 The Ancient African Past
  • HIST:4205 American Cultural History 1820-1920
  • HIST:4260 The Sixties in America
  • HIST:4400 The Roman Empire 
  • HIST:4403 Alexander the Great
  • HIST:4406 Warfare in Ancient Mediterranean Society
  • HIST:4407 The Hellenistic World and Rome
  • HIST:4412 History of the Medieval Church
  • HIST:4414 Christianity and Empire (35-450 AD)
  • HIST:4415 European Intellectual History Medieval to Modern
  • HIST:4417 Medieval Intellectual History 300-1150
  • HIST:4418 Medieval Intellectual History 1150-1500
  • HIST:4419 Ancient and Medieval Science
  • HIST:4428 Nineteenth-Century Europe
  • HIST:4438 Modern European Imperialism
  • HIST:4440 Artists, Intellectuals, and Politics in 20th-Century Europe
  • HIST:4910 The Book in the Middle Ages  
  • HIST:4920 The Transition from Manuscript to Print


  • ITAL:4550 Topics in Italian Studies (may be taken more than once)
  • ITAL:4633 Dante's Inferno 
  • ITAL:4634 The Italian Renaissance  
  • ITAL:4667 Modern Italian Fiction 


  • PHIL:3112 Medieval Philosophy 
  • PHIL:3143 Existentialism 
  • PHIL:3431 Aesthetics 
  • PHIL:3845 Buddhist Philosophy 
  • PHIL:4050 Topics in Buddhist Philosophy
  • PHIL:4152 Plato 
  • PHIL:4153 Aristotle 
  • PHIL:4266 Kant 
  • PHIL:4373 Heidegger 
  • PHIL:4377 Wittgenstein  
  • PHIL:4482 Early Modern Ethics
  • PHIL:4588 Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL:4694 Philosophy of Science

Religious Studies

  • RELS:2674 Food, Body & Belief: A Global Perspective
  • RELS:3003 Classical and Hellenistic Periods
  • RELS:3055 Death, Dying, and Beyond in Asian Religions
  • RELS:3190 Medieval to Modern: The Birth of Protestantism
  • RELS:3243 Pagans and Christians: The Church from Jesus to Muhammad
  • RELS:3245 Mythology of Otherworldly Journeys
  • RELS:3385 Early Modern Catholicism
  • RELS:3431 Gender and Sexuality in East Asia  
  • RELS:3572 Comparative Ritual 
  • RELS:3645 Buddhist Philosophy  
  • RELS:3655 Zen Buddhism  
  • RELS:3716 Greek Religion and Society
  • RELS:3845 Islam in Africa
  • RELS:4155 Religious Conflict: Early Modern Period
  • RELS:4352 The Dead Sea Scrolls  
  • RELS:4870 Islamic Cultural Presence in Spain
  • RELS:5200 Varieties of Religion Contemporary World

School Hours Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History requires a minimum of 120 semester hours, including 39 semester hours of work for the major. Students must maintain a grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 in all courses for the major and in all UI courses for the major. They also must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences GE CLAS Core.

Note that the requirements can and do change as deemed necessary by the school. However, once you have begun your program, your requirements will not change. Always refer to your degree audit as the official record of your requirements.

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