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Art History professor speaking about a painting

Art history, a broad intellectual discipline, is central to the humanities. It examines how nations, individuals, and ethnic populations express and contest their social, political, and religious values in visual media. For this reason the history of art is the ideal lens through which to examine history, economics, religion, politics, literature, and many other aspects of the humanities and social sciences.   

Art history faculty members take a global and multicultural perspective to studying images and objects. Their principal mission is to help students develop skills for exploring art and visual culture as instruments of knowledge and human expression throughout history and in the contemporary environment.  Because the B.A. in art history stresses the development of critical visual thinking, close reading, and academic writing, coursework in art history prepares students for graduate work in the humanities, professional degrees in law and business, and careers in museums and the art world.

Contact information:

Brenda Longfellow
Head of the Art History Division
150 Art Building West
Iowa City, IA 52242-7000

Phone: (319) 335-3795