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The photography discipline at the University of Iowa is an exciting experience for creative students in the visual arts to realize their ideas through image-making processes that embrace the digital photograph, HD video capture and sound, large format photography and the traditional black and white darkroom. The discipline prepares students to meet a wide range of professional challenges and enables graduates (B.A., B.F.A., M.A., M.F.A.), to pursue a vast scope of career opportunities. The program stresses visual literacy, exploration of new technologies and concepts and encourages a student to develop a personal aesthetic that is synthesized with an understanding of photography's history and cultural relevance. A full range of courses is offered. Students have access to state of the art digital classrooms with Flextight and Aztek drum scanners and Epson plotting printers up to 44 inches, all orchestrated by Colorbyte printing software. The shooting studio is state of the art, including medium format cameras, leaf digital backs with live computer capture and professional grade lighting equipment.

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