Visiting Speakers in Printmaking

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Jason Urban, public lecture and studio visits
Jeff Barnett-Winsby, public lecture and studio visits
Ryan Standfest, lithography project and public lecture
Calder Quartet, discussion and performance at Studio Arts
Combat Paper Project, Lecture & demonstration with Drew Cameron

Pop-up Museum, Worth Fighting For, collaboration with Liz Lerman and Hancher Auditorium
Shannon Finnegan, public lecture and Silkscreen classroom visit/discussion 
Liz Lerman discussion at Studio Arts
Public lecture by Waswo X. Waswo
Public lecture by Crystal Wagner
Public performance by Gary Setzer at Public Space One

Seminar with Nathan Lambert
Public lecture by Kathryn Myers (with SASP)
Residency and lecture with Stan Shellaberger and Dutes Miller
Aaron Sinift + the 5-Year Project (with SASP)
Michael Krueger lithograph + relief print

Print collaboration between Rudy Pozzatti and Susan Goldman
Graduate seminar and lecture by Stephen Goddard
Lecture and seminar with Kathryn Myers (with SASP
Midwest Matrix Symposium
"Shoptalks," presentations by Hartmut Austen and Jeremy Lundquist, 2012-2013 Grant Wood Fellows
"Elizabeth Catlett and her Artistic Legacy," lecture by Melanie Herzog, visiting artist in Printmaking
"The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Why I like Fierce Looking Animals," lecture by Jean Sanders, visiting artist in Printmaking
Lecture by Kathryn Myers, visiting artist in Printmaking

"We Are Working All The Time! (Selected Artworks from the Labor Camp Project)," lecture by Piotr Szyhalski, visiting artist in Printmaking
"Nothing More; Nothing Less & Other Prints: Toward an Expanded Definition of Contemporary Printmaking," lecture by Randy Bolton, visiting artist in Printmaking
Lecture by Adriane Herman, visiting artist in Printmaking

"Shiftland," lecture on her work by Lisa Bulawsky, visiting artist in Printmaking
Lecture by Nichole Maury, Visiting Artist in Printmaking
Combat Paper Project Lecture and Poetry Reading
Lecture by T.L. Solien, visiting artist in Printmaking
Confessions of a Pack Rat, lecture by Sarah Smelser, Visiting Artist in Printmaking

Intaglio lecture by Anupam Sud (with SASP)
Monoprint + Lithograph by Melanie Yazzie
"Passing Time," lecture by Elizabeth Dove, visiting artist in Printmaking
"Sharing Processes and Tradition from a Contemporary Navajo Printmaker," lecture by Melanie Yazzie, visiting artist in Printmaking
"One Thing Turning Into Another," lecture by Bryan Baker, visiting artist in Printmaking

Lecture and Encaustic Screen-printing Workshop by Dennis O’Neil
Lecture by Jennifer Yorke
Lecture and relief print by Susan Goldman
Lecture and digital print by Kristin Powers Nowlin
"I Am Your Lovesicle," lecture by Heather Corley, visiting artist in Printmaking
"Influences Create Magical Secrets," lecture by Jeff Sippel, visiting artist in Printmaking

Lecture by Amit Kumar Jain
Lecture and Pulp Printing workshop with Georgia Deal
Lecture by Tom Ashcraft
Lecture and Photogravure workshop by Lothar Osterburg