Graduate Program in Sculpture

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The Sculpture discipline, along with Metals, 3D Design, and Ceramics, is an integral part of the Dimensional Practice Area in the School of Art & Art History. A newly formed area, Dimensional Practice (DP) encourages students to develop an interdisciplinary art practice that is conceptually and technically rich. In sculpture, students are exposed to a broad spectrum of possibilities corresponding to the fluidity and malleability of the media. They are encouraged to investigate and develop an upward learning path that relies on conceptual thinking and visual information, along with hands-on knowledge of techniques, materials, and new technologies. Installation, site–specific, objects, kinetics, video, performance, robotics, bronze and aluminum casting, metal fabrication, or wood all embody an interdisciplinary exploration in search of original content. At each stage of the program, faculty will guide and challenge students to think independently and critically and grow as an artist.

Visiting Speakers in Sculpture
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Isabel Barbuzza, Daniel Miller