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The Sculpture & Intermedia Program at the University of Iowa prioritizes conversation that invites multiple perspectives into the process of self-discovery and supports each student’s pathway through the field of contemporary ideas and art practice.  Sculpture & Intermedia is comprised of two distinct disciplines that have a rich history and symbiosis in the School. This purposeful union enhances creative opportunities for students and fosters new avenues for research.  

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As a fluid and malleable practice, students are exposed to a broad spectrum of possibilities stimulating research to develop an upward learning path that relies on conceptual thinking and making. In Sculpture, we explore the essential relationships between concept, form, space, and the body to encourage students to work on installations, site-specific, objects, kinetics, video, performance and, robotics. At the same time, we offer bronze and aluminum casting, metal fabrication, or wood assemblage, all embodying interdisciplinary exploration in search of original content. Students work with faculty who are both exhibiting artists with an active studio practice. The program has a dedicated Instructional Services Specialist who is expert technician in the studio. 

2 students on concrete floor of VAB working with cardboard

Our program prepares students to be lifelong learners.  Many of our BFA students have continued on to receive their MFA’s at prestigious institutions around the country. Others have started fine art studio practices and are exhibiting artists, work in museums, fabrication shops, exhibition design and as studio assistants, many others pursue academic fields.  

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Visiting Speakers in Sculpture and Intermedia


Isabel Barbuzza, Daniel Miller, Tony Orrico


In the Sculpture & Intermedia program, we offer top-tier Sculpture facilities that are second to none in our Visual Arts Building that opened in 2017. Our MA/MFA and BFA students have 24-hour access to their studio spaces.  Additionally, there are six galleries through the School Art and Art History, where students can book exhibition space. 
In our shop facilities, students can investigate both traditional and experimental approaches to materials and processes. Sculpture has a dedicated installation lab for sculpture student research and experimentation with installation, projections or performances. The flexibility of the area allows students to produced handmade paper and work with a 6'x4' vacuum table. Also, we have 3 sewing machines for students who work with fabrics. Wax and plaster rooms allow students to learn about these materials and all their possibilities for casting and forming. In the woodshop, students will find equipment and hand tools to address all of our student's needs.  

The metal Foundry/Fabrication area has a wide array of hot metal fabrication processes available,  including MIG welding, TIG, spot welding, manual plasma cutting, and a gas forge. 

Banner Image:  JD Whitman, MFA 2019